Accomodation fees

Dear Guests

The problems of the global market have reached us as well. The continuous and drastic rising of energy prices has an impact on our operation. In order to keep this peaceful place loved by many in a state that attracts our several returning guests, we need to make some changes to reduce our increased expenditure.

To cover the increased utility costs, instead of charging an equal extra price for all our guests, we at Lake Sárbéki think it would be fairer to charge everyone, in addition to the accommodation fee, the electricity cost according to their personal consumption. Above electricity, no other utility cost will be charged, thus from 1 January 2023, apart from the accommodation fee, guests will have to pay an electricity cost for the energy they actually used.

Accomodation fees

From 1 January 2023, an extra electricity cost will be added to the accommodation fee.

You can find the current basic fees of all our accommodation types on our sites about accommodation and fees.

  • In addition to the basic accommodation fee, guests will have to calculate with the electricity cost charged according to their consumption.
  • Based on the average costs of previous years, the price will be approximately HUF 1,000-1,200/Person/night.
  • The price of electricity consumption will be HUF 180/kwh.

Electricity cost: HUF 180/kwh

Utility costs in practice

  • All our wooden houses are equipped with individual electricity meters.
  • When you arrive to our accommodation and book in, you and one of our colleagues will take a photo together of the meter and we will record the meter reading.
  • When you are leaving, you and our colleague will take another picture of the meter and the cost of electricity consumption will be added to your accommodation fee for a price of HUF 180/kwh.